Act As if this is your next ride

Passing on the Advice

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Every dollar spent should be an investment into the next two you make. Every interaction you have has a close and it's your sole responsibility to be on the paying end of that close. Some of the best advertising advice out there says that "New" is the only idea you need because it creates an itch and your product simply slides in like a lotion. Building out a stable portfolio is about going slow and counting on the fact that time and patience will be your two best friends. Take the slow bus. Ya the entire ride is spent thinking about how close to done you are without a single thrill along the way but hey, whatever floats your boat. If you want to take the twin-turbo charged sequential clutch MP-4 12C trip to financial success you need a financial adviser with the stones to firmly plant a foot on the floor when a deal arises. 'Act as though' is a phrase that some success and profitability giants preach as a day-to-day mentality. Act as though every sale is a closing sale. Act as though today is the day that you make your third million dollars because you've worked hard enough to make the first two yesterday. Today is the day that pays dividends on the work you put in. Today is the day your cash machine and your heart beat along at precisely the same rhythm. All of that planning testing plotting wishing and practicing leads to the day when everything roars - because success is too loud to hum. Walk with purpose and speak with intention because all that you have to do and all that you have to say is very very valuable to anyone that is lucky enough to hear it. The best decision you can make in this moment is to automate the process. as clarity prevails in your brain follow the steps to exactly where you need to be. Your job is to innovate. Not invest. Someone else can crunch the numbers, stay up late with the spreadsheets, plan the trades. You keep the project well funded and your money will make itself. Step one is to find a financial planner in Irvine California. The very smartest people in the world live in Irvine because its a beautiful city right on the coast and it is the safest city in America. Investment advisers in Irvine don't have to deal with the noise of Wall Street. They let young blood kill themselves on the trading floor while they play chess for a living. You don't want your money in any hands but those that can make it multiply. Explore your craziest ideas because the sky only limits people who look up at it, not down from it. The quick route to financial success isn't traveled by subway. It's traveled by Gulfstream. Even if you are on a subway at this very moment. Act as if your next steps have been planned for decades because now is your time and your jet is expensive to keep waiting.